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Steps On How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive In Nigeria

Hello Everyone Am Here Again On Another Interesting Topic On How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Money In Nigeria This 2019.

Have You Been Searching The Internet On How To Create A Verified PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Messages In Nigeria? 

Then This Tutorial Is For You, I Will Be Explaining Steps On How To Create A PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Payment Online.... Let's Move On...

What Is PayPal Or PayPal Account? 

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfer and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. The company operates as a payment processor for online vendors, aunction sites, and many other commercial users, for which it charges a fee in exchange for benefits such as one-click transactions and password memory. PayPal's payment system, also called PayPal, is considered a type of payment rail.

There are many reasons why you need PayPal account in Nigeria but the most important reasons are  below.

  1. Making Online Payments Or Purchase 

In almost all foreign online stores, you cannot use your Local ATM cards to make purchases because of the currency differences.

With the aid of PayPal, you can easily fund your PayPal account through your Naira Master Cards and buy anything online from international online stores with PayPal shopping Carts.

 2.  Receiving International Payments:

If you’re an online marketer, you will understand this aspect. Most of the affiliate marketing online do pay via PayPal payment methods.

Without having a PayPal account in Nigeria, it’s 100% sure you can’t get paid after working or completing various online tasks. (PayPal payment method has been the most convenient payment method to receive funds worldwide)

And So Many More I Would Waste Time Mentioning

PayPal Inc Ban Nigerians From Creating A PayPal That Can Receive Funds Because Of The Numerous Scam And Fraudulent Activity Nigerians Uses PayPal For But I Have Figured Out A Way To Do That. 

What Are The Steps To Take And What You Need Before You Can Create Your PayPal Account That Can Send And Receive Funds In Nigeria. 

To create PayPal account in Nigeria, you don’t need anything much what you needs are:

 1)  Your Mobile Phone or Personal Computer

 2)  A Naira Master or Visa Card that’s not yet link with any other PayPal account.

 3)  An Email Account That Has Not Been Used To Open Any Account Before. You Can Probably Create A New Gmail Account.

You can also use Dollar Master Card as this also works best, but if you only have a naira master Card(ATM) It’s still OK. you’re only need just one Card either Naira or Dollar Master Card.

Here Is The E-book Tutorial On How To Create Your PayPal Account. You Can View And Also Download It Here.

That's A Full Tutorial On How To Create PayPal Account. If You Need The E-book On How To Create USA PAYPAL, HOW TO GET CARD TO VERIFY YOUR PAYPAL (That's If Your Bank Card Is Not Working) And Any Help You Can Contact Me Here Or Use The Comment Box Below.

Below Is The Image Sample Of A PayPal Account I Recently Created.

Recent Account I Created. 

This Will Be Where I Will Be Stopping For Now Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for this article, I find it very helpful but I have problem with card verification.
    Pls how I verify this issue?

    1. Hello Thanks For Visiting. Please Make Sure You Are Using MasterCard Or A Visa Card. If You Still Get The Errors Please Try Contact Your Bank. Thanks


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